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How to Create a Dial-Up Connection to in Windows 95 and Windows 98

NOTE: Windows 95 and 98 are no longer supported by Microsoft. While EFN's support staff will make every effort to help you connect to the Internet, we cannot guarantee that this older software will still be usable with our service.

1. From The Desktop:

2. Double-Click: My Computer

3. Double-click: Dial-Up Networking

4. Double-Click: Make New Connection.

5. Make New Connection will start the "Connection Wizard", which will walk you through the following steps:


6. Type in a name for your connection to EFN. This can be any name you want. You might want to call it: EFNPPP

7. Click: Next

8. In Eugene, the modem number will be 505-5009 ; see this page for numbers in other areas.

9. Click: Next

10. Click: Finish

11. Right-click: your new icon.

12. Left-click: Properties

13. Click: Server Types

14. Uncheck: [ ]Logon to Network

15. Uncheck: [ ]NetBEUI

16. Uncheck: [ ]IPX/SPX Compatible

17. Check: [X] TCP/IP


18. Click: OK

19. In Dial-Up Networking, double-click your new icon

20. Type in your username.

21. Type in your password. It will show up as a series of asterixes, like this: ********

22. Click: Connect
Your modem will then dial in to EFN.
When the connection is established, the window will minimize to a tiny icon of two connected computers, in the lower-right portion of your Taskbar.

23. Click: Start/Programs

Select an Internet application from the list of programs.
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