Edit your existing Thunderbird (POP) settings

  1. Open your Thunderbird program
    Select the Tools menu and then Account Settings


    You may also select the account name from the main window and right-click on it. Select Settings


  2. In the left -hand column, select Server Settings for your @EFN.org account
    Make certain the fields outlined in green below match your settings
    For the User Name field, use your FULL email address
    Server Name = mail.efn.org
    Port = 995
    Connectivity security = SSL/TLS


  3. In the left-hand column, select Outgoing Server (SMTP) as outlined in green below
    Select your EGN.org account in the right-hand column
    Click on the Edit button


  4. Make certain your settings match the ones below:
    Server Name: mail.efn.org
    Connectivity security: STARTTLS
    Authentication method: Normal password
    User Name: Your FULL email address
    Click the OK button


  5. Click the OK button on the next window
    You're done!