New Email Settings Required Before May 1, 2011.

NOTE: Customers that exclusively use Webmail don't need to make any of the setting changes listed below. Please switch to using your full email address when logging into Webmail (

EFN is upgrading our equipment and all customers will need to change their email login settings.

Instructions are listed below if you chose to make the change yourself. Otherwise, please call Tech Support
24x7 at 1-800-731-4871.

Tutorials for specific software programs will be available soon at

Updated E-mail Program Settings:
Incoming mail server (POP):
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Login/Username: Your FULL e-mail address (e.g.

You must NOT check Login using secure password authentication (SPA) (this is a proprietary protocol
not used here). Instead, it is highly recommended that all mail connections use SSL for account security.
Our technical support people can help you with this.

Incoming Server (IMAP) port: 993 (143 if you choose not to use SSL) recommended for mobile devices
Incoming Server (POP3) port: 995 (110 if you choose not to use SSL)
(use the one which matches your current setup; IMAP is the recommended access method however)

Outgoing Server (SMTP) port: 587 (use STARTTLS instead of SSL if that is an option; this port will also
work without STARTTLS/SSL if desired)
Outgoing Server (SMTP) DOES require authentication

Once your settings are changed, the new webmail service can be accessed at You may
login using your user name ( and password. At this URL you have the opportunity
to toggle between a familiar Squirrel Mail interface, which is better for low speed connections, or the
option to use the new feature-rich, Zimbra email application (recommended for broadband).