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Nonprofit Businesses Supporting the Eugene Free Network

The nonprofit businesses listed on this page are members of

  • Alternative Work Concepts

    Alternative Work Concepts is a nationally recognized nonprofit employment agency for persons who experience physical and multiple disabilities.

  • American Federation of Musicians

    We are Local 689 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada. If you are a working musician, it is to your advantage to join the AFM. We are the only organization that truly represents the interests of musicians and performers.

  • Eugene Buddhist Priory

    The Eugene Buddhist Priory is a meditation temple for the practice of Serene Reflection Meditation. This Buddhist tradition emphasizes silent meditation, living by the Buddhist Precepts, trust in Buddha Nature, and the selfless practice of compassion and gratitude in daily life.
  • Eugene Fencer's Club

    Dedicated to the promotion of the modern sport of fencing, the Eugene Fencer's Club (EFC) - a non-profit educational organization and Lane County's oldest fencing program - has taught the art of the "oldest modern sport" under the supervision of qualified instructors to thousands of students since 1976.

  • Eugene Saturday Market

    The Market has become a meeting place for the whole community; it is where one meets friends, takes visitors, passes petitions, in addition, of course, to buying birthday and Christmas presents, and so on.


  • Good Works on Earth

    We Share the Earth Heart Awakenings and Healings
    in the words of English as revealed by the art and science of
    the Lexigram in Name Arts and Word Arts in Star Arts.

  • Hardy Plant Group

    The Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group is dedicated to the promotion of hardy herbaceous perennials and other woody material that is or may be available in the near future in the nursery trade throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • Heart of Eugene

    First Christian Church – A light to the world in the heart of Eugene.

  • HELP Aftrica

    HumainHELP Africa’s unique role is to support existing non- governmental organizations (NGOs), local community groups, in Sub-Saharan Africa to be more effective in carrying out development and relief work

  • Hundreth Munchy Publications

    We believes that tolerant toddlers become tolerant teens and are dedicated to providing gay-friendly children’s books, a long overdue resource for parents and teachers, both gay and straight.


  • Nobel Peace Monument

    The Nobel Peace Laureate Monument will recognize those Americans who have won the Nobel Peace Prize awarded annually by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway. The physical monument will be constructed in Alton Baker Park alongside the historic Willamette River in Eugene, Oregon. Target date for completion is 2006.

  • Wayne Morse Youth Program

    Our goal is to build a multi-faceted composite of our neighborhoods by surveying the needs and desires of our citizens of all ages and lifestyles, and to develop a strong sustainable local economy with youth apprenticeship programs.

  • Willamette Valley A.B.A.T.E.

    Our mission is to promote motorcycle awareness, education, safety and liberty through community involvement and legislative actions. A.B.A.T.E. - A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments.

  • Wonderland/SAFE

    SAFE is unique in the state of Oregon for being the only drop-in center designed, owned, and operated entirely by mental health system clients, ex-patients, and survivors.




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