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How to Create a Dial-Up Connection to in MacOSX  

1. Click on the Apple Menu icon in the upper left hand corner.

2. Click System Preferences...

3. This will bring up the System Preferences windows. Look for the icon that says Network. It is a dark blue globe with the word Network written under it.

4. From the "Show" pull down menu select the device you plan on using to connect to the network. This should be a 56K compatible modem. Under the TCP/IP tab, set Configure to Using PPP.

5. In the Service Provider field type "". In Eugene, the dial-up phone number will be 505-5009 ; see this page for numbers in other areas.


6. In the user name field, enter your EFN username.

7. Select the Proxies tab and make sure all entries are blank

8. Select the Modem tab. From the Modem pull down menu, select your modem. Set Location to Automatic. The Show field should reflect Internal Modem. Modem should reflect your computer's modem. Check mark Enable error correction and compression. Set Sound to On and Dialing to Tone. Placing a check mark in Show modem status in menu bar is optional but is strongly suggested.

9. If you have Show modem status in menu bar checked, the icon of the phone will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your menu bar. Clicking on this icon will give you quick access to establishing a connection and viewing the modem status.


10. To connect, click on the phone handset icon in the upper right hand corner of your menu bar and select Connect. If at any time you need to edit these properties, click on Edit. If the information you entered is correct however, simply click on Connect to begin dialing.

11. When you are successfully connected you will see the Status area below the password box expand to reveal the details of your connection.

12. Click on Disconnect when you are finished.


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